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Our Services

Permanent Staffing

Permanent recruitment operation is to provide a high-quality, professional recruitment service in all markets; our total quality management program means that we have a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process.

Temperory Staffing

WebAppLogic assists corporate clients in their staffing requirements by providing contractual or temporary manpower.

Search Engine Optimization

Thousands of Internet Searches are carried out by prospects every second.With our SEO Services,our target is make your website primary destination for your target audience thereby getting you a share of those

Internet is a staple for any company, but getting the right connection for your business is a decision that shouldn’t be decided on the basis of a ‘good deal’

Social Media Optimization

We help you to take advantage of the right social media channels that have the potential to drive the best returns for your business

Web & Mobile App Development

Smart devices are taking over the world as the preferred channel for business operations. Not having an efficient mobile channel can cost you dearly Imagine your business booming through millions of hand-held devices! Though tablets and smartphones are the preferred channel these days, there are still challenges like information security, scalability, compliance, and efficiency.