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Who We Are

WebAppLogic is an Recruitment & SEO firm focusing on Recruiment,SEO and Mobile App Development,head quartered in Bangalore and having offices in USA,Bahrain, Norway & Ireland. WebAppLogic was founded with an ambition to bring a different kind of IT delivery experience from offshore - one that focused on real technology aided business solutions by giving importance to the inherent quality of the software and the way it gets built. We are an agile service company that has the rigor, drive and innovation spirit of a product company; one that can support nimble start-ups as well as large enterprises through disruptive technology offerings and amazing user experiences.

Time and again, we have seen how IT projects fail due to requirements change, misunderstandings, lack of product engineering skills, and most of all, the disconnected way in which projects get executed by outsourced teams working in silos following dated software building methods. But we work differently! Our expertise in modern agile engineering practices and continuous delivery makes the whole software building process an amazing journey all the way from product vision through continuous deployment. We are also expert consultants and agile evangelists to large enterprises when they look to imbibe agility in their own IT setups. From our delivery center in Bangalore, we craft software in a distributed agile model working alongside teams from across the globe. Our capabilities run across disruptive technologies like rapid web applications, mobile apps, cloud based development and data analytics. We are technology experts, be it open source Java stack, groovy and grails, LAMP stack, ruby on rails, mobile technologies or proprietary Microsoft frameworks that support custom development with agile engineering. We architect greenfield products, design and develop fast, automate tests and deploys, at the same time show-and-tell from. From our amazing and innovative open workspace in Bangalore, we deliver the best product that you have ever experienced! The best way to know more! call us now!

Our Team

Nisha,CO-Founder & Head-HR & Business Development

Nisha has over 8 years of experience in delivering large technology projects across Asia-Pacific,Middle East, Europe and North America . In her role as Co-Founder at WebApp Logic, she is leading the HR operations and the business expansion of the company.She has completed her BTech in Telecommunication from VTU University.

Deepna,Recruitment Manager

Deepna is a talented recruitment expert especially in IT and ITES verticals. She has worked as a recruitment coordinator for some of the renowned MNCs in Bangalore. She is very good at managing the team to collaborate with clients and to plan and implement effective recruiting strategies for IT and Other ITES verticals. Her abilities to deliver on-time with high rate of accuracy is tremendous. She is also good at coordinating between our team and our clients to source, short-list, schedule interviews and till the closure of the position.

Alexander Jacob,SEO & Product Director

Alexander is a Prodcut & SEO Director and multifaceted technology specialist, heads the Technology Practice at WebAppLogic. He has many outstanding achievements in his 26 years of Software Development experience in specialized areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Point of Sales, Business Process Management, E-commerce, Digital Imaging etc. His greatest strength is envisioning “the Big Picture” of software design and development applied to tomorrow’s business process. He was the chief architect of several products for our global customers. He also takes the central focus for creating IP rights for WebAppLogic. His key expertise is product engineering and innovation on latest platforms His zeal for technological perfection keeps the innovation team at WebAppLogic on its toes and ensures the best offerings for customers.